Hearing Aids

Natural_Hearing_Images_003Hearing aids come in a wide range of styles and technology levels.  It is important that you get a hearing aid that not only fits your specific hearing loss but also your lifestyle.  When a manufacture develops a hearing aid line, they build the best hearing aid they can make.  The manufacture will load it up with as much technology as possible to maximize your hearing potential.  This is known as their top of line or best overall product.  These top of line products carry the biggest price tag.  Since not every one wants or needs all that technology, the manufactures will create different levels of that product.  By pulling out certain features in the hearing aids they are able to lower the price points.  Hearing aids usually come in 4 or 5 different technology levels.  Our trained specialist will help guide you through the maze of different technology levels so that you have a good understanding of what separates these aids.  The general rule is the higher you go in technology the higher the price.  Remember you do get what you pay for.  Hearing aids do come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors to choose from.


Besides helping you hear better, hearing aids are now equipped to integrate into your electronic world.  Most hearing aids today are wireless and Bluetooth compatible.  What that means essentially is that the hearing aids will communicate with each other so that they stay balanced throughout the day.  When a change is made to one side the other side will be able to make the same change.

Natural_Hearing_Images_007Utilizing the Bluetooth technology, the hearing aids are able to connect directly into you cell phone and television.  By connecting or streaming from you phone, you can have a conversation completely hands free.  The hearing aids will receive your call directly giving you the voice in both ears making listening on the phone that much easier.  The hearing aids are also capably of receiving the television sound directly into your ears.  This will give you a private listening experience as well as independent control of the volume.  We are more than happy to demonstrate this wireless technology to you during your in office visit.

Warranty: Depending on the level of hearing aid you purchase your new hearing aids will come with a warranty of one to three years plus loss and damage protection.

Repairs: We repair all makes and models, including re-shelling custom hearing aids.

Adjustments & Maintenance: Even if you have not purchased your hearing aids from us, we can make adjustments to your current aids, clean the aids, change wax guards, microphone covers, and do shell modifications.

Accessories: We offer a wide range of accessories. We provide wireless systems, remote controls, dryers, TV ears, ear plugs, and personal music earpieces.

Interest Free Financing: We offer up to 12 months interest free financing for those who qualify.

Natural Hearing Solutions accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and cash or checks.